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Campbella is committed to doing better for the environment, and something I have been working on for a long time are my plastic free palettes! These wooden beauties contain either 4 or 8 random seasonal colours (of course this time they are from the Spring collections) and are perfect for trying out several colours in a more eco-friendly alternative to plastic pans; great for gifts and for travel! 

Large Palettes - (8 almost full pans)
Large DIY Palettes - (8 pans of your choice)
Mini Palettes - (4 mini pans)

There is also an option to build your own 8 pan palette! If you choose this option, please let me know which colour paints you would like in the order comments, or email me at campbella.katie@gmail.com. When choosing the colours, you can either ask for specific Campbella colours or more general colour descriptors (i.e. 'gold'/'orange'/'dark blue'/'light pink' etc.)

Please allow a little longer for personalised items to be dispatched as they will be poured to order.

I only have a very small amount of these gorgeous items so if you want to grab a plastic free alternative to try out several colours, these are perfect for you!

These palettes won’t be replacing our current pans or set layouts, so don’t forget to also utilise the Campbella Recycling Project! Get in touch to send me any empty plastic pans to be cleaned, sanitised and re-used in exchange for a voucher to use on the website.

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