Hybrid Handmade Watercolour Set


The brand new formula for the Hybrid paint collection is made by combining natural matte pigments with beautiful shimmer. This set is a must for matte lovers who want to add a little super-pigmented subtle shine to their artwork! The hybrid paints are currently available in the following gorgeous colours:

Northbound - a beautiful ochre yellow matte/shimmer hybrid
Gingerbread - a gorgeous warm terracotta orange matte/shimmer hybrid
Aphrodite - a true brick red matte/shimmer hybrid
Botanist - a dark cool tones green matte/shimmer hybrid
Niagra - a stunning ultramarine blue matte/shimmer hybrid
Night Owl - a dark burnt umber brown matte/shimmer hybrid

This set comes in a silver storage tin, with magnets on the bottom of each pan to make storage easier! The storage tins measure 9cmx6cmx2cm and can hold 6 full pans.

Campbella’s watercolour paints are hand-mixed by myself at home in Gloucestershire. I use a simple, natural Gum Arabic solution which forms the base with distilled water, and create the colours using skin-safe, cosmetic grade or naturally and ethically sourced mica pigments.

These paints are vegan and cruelty free, and do not use toxic chemicals or preservatives. They can be used with paintbrushes, water brush pens or for pointed pen work and come in a huge range of beautiful colours, completely unique to Campbella.

Please be aware that as these paints are hand-mixed, there may be very slight colour variations from different batches. Whilst every care is taken to assure a smooth surface, there may also be unavoidable small cracks or air bubbles in the paint. These tiny imperfections make no difference to the quality or consistency of the paint.

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