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Here you can find all the new full pans of my handmade watercolour paints, available from the February 2022 launch:

The Kraken - a deep pewter shimmer with gorgeous gold and blue reflects
Siren’s Song - a light super shiny silver blue
Basilisk - a true colour shifter than shifts from burgundy to a shiny deep green
Dragon’s Gold - a super shimmery bright green toned gold
Selkie - a light, shimmery silvery purple
The Fairy Queen - a magical candy pink shimmer
Hibiscus - a beautiful shimmery coral
Darjeeling - a warm golden beige
Chai - a gorgeous ochre with golden sparkle
Earl Grey - a deep warm charcoal with violet reflects
Matcha - a beautiful mossy green
Rooibos - a rich red toned copper super shimmer
Wyrm - a cornflower blue shimmer packed with chunky iridescent blue sparkle
Feydragon - a gorgeous peach filled with chunky baby pink and peach sparkle
Longwitton - jet black mixed with gorgeous super chunky sequins and glitter
Wyvern - a warm bright green packed with holographic bright and dark green chunky glitter
Y Ddraig Goch - a beautiful scarlet red with holographic chunky and fine red glitters
Knucker - a beautiful bright aquamarine blue filled with dark blue and silver sequins and sparkle
Right On - hot pink swirled with a super bright yellow shimmer creating a stunning warm coral tone
Flower Power - bright orange mixed with a deep pinky red creating a gorgeous deep rich coral orange
Groovy - bright yellow swirled with a gorgeous lime green creating a super bright chartreuse
Yippie - a shimmery cool pink mixed with a stunning cornflower blue super shimmer creating the most beautiful cool lavender purple
Far Out - a gorgeous aquamarine swirled into a beautiful sky blue with golden shifts creating a gorgeous warm turquoise blue
HNWWG (Hell No We Won’t Go) - bright warm purple mixed with a beautiful electric blue creating an electric violet toned blue shimmer
The Pink One - a gorgeous warm shimmery candy pink
The Purple One - a beautiful lavender purple shimmer
The Blue One - a gorgeously bright dark turquoise blue

For the complete new sets, watercolour tubes, liquid inks and shimmer sprays as well as older colours, please visit the other sections of the online store. Please note that the half pans from the Skin Tight collection are not currently available as single pans.

Campbella’s watercolour paints are hand-mixed by myself at home in Gloucestershire. I use a simple, natural Gum Arabic solution which forms the base with distilled water, and create the colours using skin-safe, naturally and ethically sourced mica pigments.

These paints are vegan and cruelty free, and do not use toxic chemicals or preservatives. They can be used with paintbrushes, water brush pens or for pointed pen work and come in a huge range of beautiful colours, completely unique to Campbella.

Please be aware that as these paints are hand-mixed, there may be very slight colour variations from different batches. Whilst every care is taken to assure a smooth surface, there may also be unavoidable small cracks or air bubbles in the paint. These tiny imperfections make no difference to the quality or consistency of the paint.

For any questions, please contact me on social media or via email -

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