Planetarium Handmade Watercolour Set


This set features four gorgeous interference paints, with beautiful bright colour shifts when used on black paper! The Planetarium set is inspired by the beauty of outer space and combines unique colour shifts with stunning black and gold sparkle; perfect for some galaxy inspired artwork!

Asteroid - a dark glossy black filled with holographic gold glitter

Rocketman - a stunning colour-shifting gold with light gold glitter
Astronomer - a beautiful green interference; white shifting to green on a white background and a beautiful sparkly green on black
Sirius - a gorgeous blue interference; white shifting to blue on a white background and a beautiful sparkly blue on black
Nebula - a beautiful pink interference; white shifting to pink on a white background and a beautiful sparkly pink on black
Mars Rover - a beautiful red interference; white shifting to red on a white background and a beautiful sparkly red on black

This set comes in a silver storage tin, with magnets on the bottom of each pan to make storage easier! The storage tins measure 9cmx6cmx2cm and can hold 6 full pans.

Campbella’s watercolour paints are hand-mixed by myself at home in Gloucestershire. I use a simple, natural Gum Arabic solution which forms the base with distilled water, and create the colours using skin-safe, cosmetic grade or naturally and ethically sourced mica pigments.

These paints are vegan and cruelty free, and do not use toxic chemicals or preservatives. They can be used with paintbrushes, water brush pens or for pointed pen work and come in a huge range of beautiful colours, completely unique to Campbella.

Please be aware that as these paints are hand-mixed, there may be very slight colour variations from different batches. Whilst every care is taken to assure a smooth surface, there may also be unavoidable small cracks or air bubbles in the paint. These tiny imperfections make no difference to the quality or consistency of the paint.

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