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I am so pleased to finally release these gorgeous ceramics, commissioned by me from the lovely Zoe at @justalittlecreate (IG). Here we have gorgeous handmade water/brush pots in a beautiful rustic style as well as some amazing little ceramic pans. Each pan holds over a full pan of paint and as they are poured to order, you can select your own colours from the entire Campbella shimmer range!

Here you can decide if you would like a water/brush pot, a large brush rest, single XL ceramic pans or a full set! The gift sets include a water pot, a small brush rest and 3 ceramic pans that will be filled with your choice of colours!

When ordering the ceramic pans or the gift sets, please let me know which colour paint you would like in the comments, or email me at When choosing the colour, you can either ask for random colours, specific Campbella colours or more general colour descriptors (i.e. 'gold'/'orange'/'dark blue'/'light pink' etc.)

I only have a very small amount of these gorgeous items so if you want to own a unique item from Campbella, these are perfect for you!

As the ceramic pans are poured to order, please allow a little longer for delivery (approx 2 weeks). Please also note that the colours available are all of Campbella's standard full pans, so they do not include interference paints, glitters or colour shifters. Any questions, please just get in touch!

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