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My name is Katie, and I started lettering in 2017 when I found myself needing a creative outlet in my day to day life. I was amazed and thrilled when people started offering to pay for my designs! This gave me the confidence to start my own small business and Campbella was born. Since then I have been lucky enough to take the leap into self employment following redundancy from my day job in 2020, and Campbella has continued to go from strength to strength over the years. I could not do it without the support of my fantastic customers and supporters, and I am truly grateful to every single one of you!

My favourite medium to work with is watercolour, specifically shimmery watercolour paints for hand-lettering. In 2018 I started learning how to make my own paints and for almost a couple of years I developed this skill; eventually creating a huge spectrum of beautiful, hyper-pigmented, vegan, crueltry free, ethical and environmentally friendly watercolour paints. In 2020 I bought my little paints to the public and they were so well received that I have continued to make new sets, colours, styles and textures over time. You can find my paints in the online store if you wanted to try them out for yourself! 

I really do put my heart and soul into every single item I make and believe the secret to creating a wonderful product is in truly enjoying the process of designing and creating something beautiful and unique. I take great pride in my work, ensuring that I never deliver anything that I am not 100% happy with. I only use the best quality materials and create every product I make by hand. When you order any product from me - from a single greetings card to a full wedding package or a personalised sign for your home to a set of handmade paints - you can have absolute confidence in the quality of my work and the care that has gone into each piece.

My products also come with the assurance that your order will be unique to you, and I have a wide range of colours and materials at my disposal to make sure you are always completely thrilled with your bespoke purchase. I work closely with all my customers to ensure that the finished result is everything they thought it would be and more, and although I am based in the South West of England, I am able to design products for all customers no matter where they live.

Please visit me on social media or email me for any further information!

Katie xx