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How can I order from you?

You can order through my website and pay through PayPal or you can send me a message via email or any of my social media accounts and we can discuss your order and confirm details through there. I am happy to take payment via PayPal, cash or bank transfer.

 What are your paints made from?
Campbella’s handmade watercolour paints are hand-mixed by myself at home in Gloucestershire. I use a simple, natural Gum Arabic solution which I make myself, and this forms the base with distilled water and vegetable glycerin. I create the colours using skin-safe, ethically sourced mica pigments and also use a natural preservative.

How do I use your paints?
The paints can be used with paintbrushes, water brush pens or for pointed pen work and come in a huge range of beautiful colours, completely unique to Campbella. To use the paints, add a few drops of water to the pan and leave for a few moments, then swish around to release the pigment. I recommend using them on watercolour or mixed-media paper for the best results.

Please be aware that as these paints are hand-mixed, there may be very slight colour variations from different batches. Whilst every care is taken to assure a smooth surface, there may also be unavoidable small cracks or air bubbles in the paint. These tiny imperfections make no difference to the quality or consistency of the paint. The glitter paints are a slightly different consistency and do require more water to release the pigment and the glitter and get them to the right consistency for painting.

What is the turnaround time for orders?

I always try to get orders out as quickly as possible, but obviously some items take longer to make than others. For most orders I advise a 10-14 day turnaround, but if you need something urgently I can work with you on this to meet your requirements. The exception to this are large wedding and event orders, particularly those that include stationery and bespoke seating plans etc. where I will generally need a minimum of six weeks to complete the order.

How do you work out pricing for bespoke orders?

I try to keep my prices as reasonable and competitive as possible and hope that you will find that to be the case when working with me. It is important for me to cover the costs of the materials and in certain circumstances, such as event stationery, the cost of printing as well.


Do you offer payment plans?

In certain circumstance (and for orders over £100) I am happy to work out a payment plan with you on an individual basis. You will need to pay enough deposit to cover the costs of the materials which will differ from order to order and the amount will need to be settled before your order is personalised. I do not work alongside a finance provider for this so payment plans are worked out on an individual basis,


Can you make me a Disney birthday card?

This is a firm NO. I will not sell any images recognisable as the property of another artist, company or franchise. This includes (but is not limited to) Disney, Pokémon, Marvel, Peppa Pig etc. I am happy to 'theme' orders (i.e. a princess theme or a magic theme) but all the artwork will be original and my own. I will also not take orders that use advertising slogans or phrases, logos or artwork from other brands.

Can you make me absolutely any item I can think of within your range?

Well... yes and no. Whilst I am extremely open-minded and open to pretty much any design or wording choice, I maintain the right to refuse to take orders that conflict with the morals and ethics that both Campbella as a business, and myself as a human being, stand for. This means that whilst I am more than happy to make sweary/adult items, these will either be omitted or censored when posting on social media. I categorically will not take any orders with racist, homophobic, transphobic, misogynistic or culturally insensitive undertones, or anything that actively discriminates against disabilities and health conditions, and reserve the right to refuse orders that I feel sit within these restrictions.

Can I change the colours of items in your range?

YES! The aim of Campbella is to provide totally bespoke, personalised products and everything will be made to order. If you like something but just want to make a small change to the style or colours please just let me know when you order.


What if there is something wrong with my product?

I will take every care possible to make sure your order arrives to you in the best possible condition, however, if an accident does happen and your order arrives damaged (or worse – I have done something wrong!) I will cover the cost of the postage for you to return the order to me and will replace your product in the quickest possible time. If for any reason this is not possible I will offer you a full refund.


Can I cancel or change orders?

This is a tricky one and I suppose it depends on the situation. As a general rule I will allow 48 hours from the order date for you to make any changes or to cancel for a full refund. After this time I will have ordered the materials or started your project and depending on what point I am at with the order will depend on what I can offer you. I will only be able to offer full refunds on incorrect or damaged orders.


I only need ten invitations for my event but the core collection are priced based on thirty invitations, can I order less?

Unfortunately the 30 invite minimum is set for the event invitations due to printing costs. However – if you would like to order a smaller number of invitations I would be happy to discuss this as a bespoke order and will price accordingly.

Can I order the PDF for invitations and have them printed myself?

This one has to be a firm NO I am afraid. The reason for this is that as I take so much pride in my products and as each piece is hand-lettered, I need to ensure the quality of the finished piece as it will carry the Campbella name. The exception to this would potentially be for international orders where it may not make financial sense to post out individual invitations and I can work with you on this.


Can I get involved and do some artwork/lettering myself on my event stationery?

YES! I want your order to be exactly what you want and am very open to discussing using your own artwork. HOWEVER someone else’s artwork will NOT be used without formal consent of the original artist in order to protect their intellectual property rights. This may incur an additional fee from the artist and you accept liability for the use of the image. If you would like me to design and print the stationery but would like to hand write them yourselves this is also fine and I am happy to recommend some supplies for you.