Watercolour Storage Tin


These silver metal storage tins are perfect for building your own set or storing your paint collection!

The small tin can hold 6 full pans, or 12 half pans, of Campbella watercolours, and measure 9cmx6cmx1.8cm.

The medium tins can hold 20 full pans, or up to 40 half pans, and measure 17cmx9cmx1.5cm.

The large tins can hold 30 full pans or 60 half pans and measure 18cmx13cmx1.8cm

All Campbella sets include a free storage tin, so please only order if you need it for individual pans!

They come with the traditional Campbella logo sticker, and can include a handmade swatch card at your request. If you would like a swatch card to be included, please let me know in the order comments how many colours you plan to put in it and whether you would like it to be black or white card.
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